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Energy rethought


Enter the world of energy automation

As the central control unit, the e.manager controls, regulates and
monitors all energy components in your residential or commercial building.
Integrated into the distribution system, it intelligently networks energy
producers and consumers, thus optimising your energy costs.
Equipped with numerous interfaces, various inverters, energy meters
and sensors, such as temperature sensors and switches/contacts, can be
connected to the e.manager. Consumers, actuators (shutters, pumps, etc.),
boilers, heat pumps or heating cartridges can be controlled
via WLAN sockets, relays, digital or analog outputs.

Automated rules ensure reliable, optimal and smooth control of your components without burdening you with technology in everyday life.

Photovoltaic system monitoring

Via the web portal you can easily monitor, control and evaluate your system from anywhere in the world.

Optimization of internal consumption

With the e.manager you can
control consumers and battery storage to optimize your own consumption and thus
save energy costs.

Direct marketing

With the e.manager, direct marketing of photovoltaic plants, biogas plants and wind power plants can be easily carried out. For this purpose, the e.manager has a so-called direct marketing interface.

Feed-in management

The e.manager can implement the
feed-in management guideline suitable for any system size.

Data privacy

Your data is stored anonymously in the cloud. If you still want to know your valuable data at home and not in the cloud, you can also use e.manager without the Internet.

Integrated error detection

The integrated fault detection informs you in case of problems and faults on inverters or photovoltaic modules.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a smart meter

SmartPi 3.0

SmartPi, your personal smart meter

The SmartPi expansion module extends the Raspberry Pi by
interfaces for voltage measurement and non-contact current
measurement and thusbecomes a fully-fledged SmartMeter that
controls and records powerconsumption and power generation
and makes it available in the network or the Internet.
With SmartPi, power consumption data can be
conveniently recorded, evaluated and used as
a basis for energy saving measures.
With SmartPi you reduce energy costs
in your company and at home.


All measurement data (e.g. voltages, currents, powers, frequencies, Cos Phi)
are recorded and stored on the integrated SD card. Via the integrated web server,
the measured values can be conveniently called up and evaluated by
the smartphone or computer.


The integrated REST, MQTT interfaces enable easy data exchange with other devices.
An interface to the Prometheus
database is also available.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi© and ESP32

The SmartPi is compatible with all Raspberry Pis© models 2 V1.2 and higher and there are implementations for the versatile ESP32 and ESP2866 modules from Expressif©.

Electronics development - Hardware development - Software development - Consulting

Development from Hanover

Whether software or hardware solutions made to measure or the
development of control concepts. nD-enerserve is your partner from
Hanover for contract development and engineering in the field of electronic products, software solutions, control technology and energy management.
It is our strength to optimally coordinate the complex interaction of hardware and software right from the development stage. We can therefore offer you product developments and engineering solutions from a single source that cover the complete spectrum of a modern application, from electronics in the field, through a database connection to app control.

With the interdisciplinary know-how of our developers and engineers,
we offer you high-quality and intelligent engineering solutions for your ideas and requirements. Competent and we reliably advise and accompany you
from the idea to the finished solution and are able to offer you an
individual concept with high efficiency.
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