Think new in energy

As the central control unit, the e.manager controls, regulates and
monitors all energy components in your residential or commercial building.
Integrated into the distribution system, it intelligently networks energy
producers and consumers, thus optimising your energy costs.
Equipped with numerous interfaces, various inverters, energy meters
and sensors, such as temperature sensors and switches/contacts, can be
connected to the e.manager. Consumers, actuators (shutters, pumps, etc.),
boilers, heat pumps or heating cartridges can be controlled via
WLAN sockets, relays, digital or analog outputs.
Automated rules ensure reliable, optimal and smooth control of your
components without burdening you with technology in everyday life.

System monitoring

The e.manager is the all-round solution for manufacturer-independent monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems, small wind turbines and other renewable energy producers.

Via the web portal you can easily monitor, control and evaluate your system from anywhere in the world. Of course, you can also send your data to your own server and evaluate it there.

With the integrated web server you can use the e.manager even without the Internet and evaluate and visualize your valuable data locally.

The integrated fault detection informs you in case of problems and faults on inverters or photovoltaic modules.

The list of supported inverters and other devices is long and is constantly expanded. Is yours not here? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Feed-in management

Suitable for any plant size, the e.manager can implement the feed-in management guideline.

  • Power management via remotely controlled ripple control receivers of the network operator
  • Implementation of the 70% capacity limitation (also taking into account and optimising own consumption
  • Logging of the power reduction

In addition, the e.manager can implement both the dynamic 70% control and the 0% control. The inverters are only regulated when the energy can no longer be used in your own house or business. Not a single watt hour is lost without use.

Interface miracle

Thanks to its numerous interfaces and modular expansion cards, the e.manager has extensive connection options, e.g. for inverters, electricity meters, ripple control receivers and sensors such as solar and temperature sensors.

Optimize own consumption

With the e.manager you can control consumers and battery storage to optimize your own consumption and thus save energy costs.
You can easily create rules that control and switch depending on power generation, energy consumption, solar radiation, temperature, external signals or other parameters, relays, network sockets, roller shutters, ventilation, heat pumps, boilers, E-cartridges or other components.

Reduce energy costs

An accurate load profile is the first step in optimizing energy consumption in homes and industry. With e.manager, power consumption in homes and industry can be easily monitored, recorded and visualized.

Internal consumption optimization diagram

Electric car and e-bike

Of course, the e.manager can also be used to control the charging process of your electric car. A rule can, for example, ensure that the excess electricity from your PV system is charged into your electric car or e-bike.

Energy management reduces costs

Reducing energy consumption and thus saving costs and valuable resources are issues that are becoming an increasingly important factor in the private sector as well as in companies, communities and public institutions. Facility managers, energy and environmental officers and corporate controlling should therefore keep an eye on energy consumption on a daily basis. Because there is great potential for cost reductions here.
The EU's Energy Efficiency Directive even obliges larger companies to introduce energy management and to regularly monitor their energy consumption.
As a first step, an energy audit  is necessary to evaluate the current state of energy consumption and to take concrete measures to save energy. The e.manager helps to record the current status quo and to record the improvements in energy efficiency.
With the introduction of an energy management system according to ISO 50001, you can dispense with the audit and possibly receive a tax relief according to §55 of the Energy Tax Act or §10 of the Electricity Tax Act.

But the e.manager is also an ideal tool for public institutions, communities and schools to document consumption values cost-effectively. All consumption data and generation data are available in detail in a high resolution, thus allowing energy consumption to be sustainably optimised and costs to be saved.

Saving energy with the e.manager

The e.manager helps you save energy in private households, in public buildings and in companies at low cost. e.manager's integrated power measurement module makes installation child's play. The current terminals are simply connected around the three live phases. Currents up to 100A can be easily measured as standard. For higher currents, we will be happy to help you select the appropriate current terminals. For increased accuracy, the voltage can also be measured on all three phases. The integrated long-term memory can store and store the data locally for approx. 20 years. With data transfer via the integrated LAN interface or the UMTS modem, the data can be sent centrally to a dedicated server or to the enerserve Cloud. This allows the data of different locations, properties, departments and areas to be stored and evaluated at a central location .

To be measured:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Power
    • Active Power
    • Reactive Power
    • Apparent Power
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy production
  • Power consumption
  • Power production
  • Frequency
  • Cos Phi


The e.manager is

  • An ideal tool for monitoring and reducing energy consumption
  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Trustworthy
  • With its open interfaces easy to integrate
  • Modularly expandable and thus future-proof


Direct marketing and market premium model

The amendments to the EEG 2012 and 2014 gradually introduced the obligation to market electricity from wind power plants and biogas plants themselves. However, owners of photovoltaic systems commissioned from 1.1.2016 are also obliged to market them directly if they have an output of more than 100 kW.

In the case of direct marketing via the so-called market premium model EEG 2914 (§ 34), the operator of the photovoltaic plant, wind power plant or biogas plant is paid the so-called market premium if the regenerative electricity generated is sold on the electricity exchange.
The operator of the PV, biogas or wind power plant receives the regular market price for every kilowatt hour sold. This market price is lower than the remuneration under the EEG. The difference between the market price fixed in the EEG and the market price achieved on the electricity exchange is compensated by the market premium.

Direct marketing with e.manager

With the e.manager, direct marketing of photovoltaic plants, biogas plants and wind power plants can be easily carried out. For this purpose, the e.manager has a so-called direct marketing interface.

With the integrated VPN interface, an encrypted connection to the direct marketer is established. Via this secure connection, the data on the current feed-in power and the setpoint (active power reduction) are transmitted by the direct marketer.

Compatible direct marketers

Currently, in addition to next Kraftwerke, enercity and Westfalen Weser Netz, we support all direct marketers who cooperate with the system provider energy& meteo systems.
Some of the providers are listed below. Please contact us if required.

Which e.manager is the right one?

Comparison of solutions

Solution e.manager nD Version 2 e.manager mc Version 2 e.manager dc Remarks
PV system monitoring  
Monitoring of other renewable energy producers  
Optimize own consumption  
Direct marketing photovoltaics  
Direct marketing of wind power  
Measuring energy consumption *  
Measuring temperatures  
General measuring and control tasks  

Comparison of features

Feature e.manager nD Version 2 e.manager mc Version 2 e.manager dc Remarks
RS485 connection 3 1 1  
Number of connectable devices up to 300 up to 100 up to 100  
Number of different inverter manufacturers in one system 3 1 1  
Direct marketing interface * * *Additional software package
Radio ripple control unit connection  
Digital inputs 4 0 4  
Connection S0 counter  
Wifi * *optional
USB connector 2 can be switched off 4 4  
Extensive possibilities for rule creation  
Extensibility through plug-in cards yes
- 2x S0-In
- 2x digital In
- 2x 0-10V Out
- 2x 0-10V In
- 2x 0-20mA In
- 1-wire
- 2x Pt1000
no no  
Portal usage free free free  
Power supply ext. DIN rail power supply 110-230V~ 110-230V~  
Dimensions 158x90x58mm 108x90x55mm 108x90x55mm