In the delivery state, the e.manager is preconfigured to "DHCP" (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).
If your router is also set to "DHCP", the e.manager will automatically assign an IP address and you do not need to perform any further configuration for the LAN modem.

Connect the RJ-45 jack of the e.manager nD to a free Ethernet input of your router. Use a standard network cable for this purpose.
If the router supports the name resolution you can reach the e.manager at https://<Seriennummer> e.g., https://END123456789.
If this is not the case, please check in the router, which IP address the e.manager gets or use an IP scanner. E.g. AngryIP


The connection to e.manager nD happens exclusively via an encrypted SSL connection. Therefore, a security warning may appear when the page is called up for the first time. You have to confirm this warning once. To do so, please click on "Advanced" and add an exception or go directly to the page.

Network settings

Konfiguration => LAN 
At you can switch between automatic address assignment (DHCP) and manual IP address.
Make sure that you store the DNS and gateway settings correctly for the manual IP address.

Emergency IP address

The e.manager has an emergency IP address, which you can use to reach the device if necessary. Connect the RJ-45 socket of the e.manager directly to your laptop.
If your laptop is set to DHCP, the laptop should have an IP address in the address range 169.254.x.x after approx. 2 minutes. If you have a fixed IP address, please make sure that the first three number blocks) of the IP address are 169.254.1.x. Now you can use the following address to access the e.manager web interface and make the correct network settings.

e.manager nD version 2:

e.manager nD:


e.manager dc:

e.manager mc version 2:

e.manager mc:



The e.manager does not require port forwarding from the outside.
With a normal router setting (FritzBox, Speedport) no adjustment is necessary.
The following ports must be open for an external connection:

Data connection to the portal: Port 80, 443
Time synchronization: Port 123
FTP upload: 21
VPN connection for direct marketing: please ask, usually port 443, 1194