Manufacturer RS485 LAN Power reduction cos phi max. number per port e.manager nD version 2 e.manager mc version 2 Comments
ABB 30  
Benning 32  
Danfoss 30  
Delta 30  
Fronius * 30 ()* *RS422 interface (you need two RS485 ports).
Therefore only devices with LAN interface can be connected to e.manager mc and e.manager dc.
No old IG devices can be connected, but only
IG TL, IG Plus, etc.
"Fronius Symo", "Fronius Eco", "Fronius Primo" and "Fronius Galvo" currently only readable via LAN interface!!!
Huawei 32  
Kaco 30  
KLNE 30  
Kostal 30  
PowerOne 30  
Refusol 30  
Samil 31  
SMA 50  
Siemens 30  
Solaredge 30  
Solarmax 100  
Solutronic 32  
Steca 30  
Sungrow 30  
Sunways 100  
Xantrex 10  

Other directly supported devices

Typ RS485 LAN Digital Analog e.manager nD version 2 e.manager mc version 2 Comments
Mencke & Tegtmeyer
Solar radiation sensor
Solar radiation sensor       0-5V oder 0-20mA
Ripple control receiver        
Alternating and three-phase meter       *D0: until USB-Adapter
EMH ED300L W2E8-0N-Exx-xx
Hager EHZ363ZA
SMA Energy meter        
TIP NOVA     Alternating and three-phase meter
Entes EPR-04S       Three-phase meter
ALLNET Switchable socket       ALLNET 3075V2
KMTronic     Relay card RS485 oder UDP
Phoenix String monitoring       SCK-C-MODBUS
Schneider Großdisplay     Solarmax protocol
Wind sensor       0-5V oder 0-20mA
Temperature sensor       0-5V oder 0-20mA
PT1000, PT100        
SG Ready Heat Pump        
Resol VBus       read only
ADAM 4024       Analog output
0-10 V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Fernwirktechnik z.B. WAGO-I/O- 750       Active power and reactive power control
Phoenix EMpro EEM-MA250       Converters and three-phase meters
EGO Smart Meter       heating cartridge, heating rod
Circutor CEM       three-phase meter
SmartPi       three-phase meter
Solar battery       read only
E3DC       read only
Delock Power Socket Switch       Switchable socket
Tasmota       Switchable socket