ceate Plant

You can create as many plant as you like.
Under Configuration => Add plant you can create further plant.

Create Plant

In the first step you will be asked to choose a plant name for the new plant.
Of course, you can change this name later.


Select datalogger

After that you will see the item Add device.
In the left column you will see all data loggers with serial number that are assigned to your account.
Click on a serial number here.

Select inverter

All inverters, sensors and other devices connected to the data logger now appear in the middle column.
Click on the desired device so that it appears in the right column.
You can repeat points 2 and 3 to add more devices from this or another data logger to the plant.


Click Add Device so that the attachment is saved.

Virtual plant

In this portal you are free to choose how many virtual assets you want to create and how they are composed.
Here are a few examples of what combinations are possible.

Standard plant

In the standard system, there is a data logger on site and a virtual system with all inverters in the portal.

Multiple virtual plants

It is also possible to create several virtual plants with one data logger.
In this example, 2 inverters each are assigned to a virtual plant,
although only one data logger is installed on site.

Shared plants. This way each owner can only see his inverters.


Combined plant

In the case of the combined system, it is possible to create
a virtual system from two or more data loggers.
A customer has two PV plants. Two virtual plants already exist for these PV plants.
In order to better compare the inverters, one can create a combined plant with all inverters.

Plant mix

With the system mix you have the free
possibility to combine inverters from different data loggers.
For example, you can combine all SMA inverters from all plants into one virtual plant.