Customer management

The customer management has a hierarchical structure.
The parent account can view and manage all the assets of the accounts that are subordinate to it.
Two different accesses are distinguished:
  • Main access: full access, for all plants
  • Guest access: access to all measured values, no changes possible
There are two variants for guest access:
  • Variant 1: Guest access for one main access, the guest can see all plants, which can also be seen by the main access.
  • Variant 2: Guest access only for one plant
The customer administration can be found under Configuration → Customer data.

Your profile

Here you can change your username, email address and password.
Each user name can only be assigned once. If the desired username is already taken, you will be asked to choose another one.
Umlauts are not allowed and will be converted automatically. e.g. ä becomes ae.

Please note that if you change the username, it will be automatically changed for the guest account as well.

Guest login

On the Guest access tab you can activate the guest access.
Since the username for the main access and the guest access is identical, you must assign a different password than your own.

Guest login for this device

With this option you have the possibility to set up a guest account for only one plant.
The guest can then only see this plant and not the other plants in your account.
Please enter a user name and a guest password.
Make sure that the user name is not identical to the main access.